Dropbox is an awesome program for storing as well as sharing your documents and media files. Thanks to Dropbox, you will be able to access your data from any device. And that’s not all! Your friends and mates can get the access to your public folders even if they are not Dropbox users.

Dropbox works real easy: drag and drop feature lets you transfer the files with just one movement. Everything is organized in Dropbox: there are separate folders for files and photos so viewing your photo albums right from the Dropbox is very convenient. Download Dropbox 100% for free to transfer your data faster and easier. Here is what you will get:

      ✓  Up to 50 gigabytes for free and unlimited use;
      ✓  Automatic synchronization of photos, music, videos, and other files between devices; 
      ✓  Store the files both online and offline; You won’t lose your data even if your OS crashes;
      ✓  Make your folders public and let other people add files there;

In the end, Dropbox has a lot to offer for all PC users. Download Dropbox for free and transfer your data without any hassle. We believe that Dropbox is one of the best programs for storing and sharing your info nowadays.

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هلیا حریریان, 30.09.2016
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